August 26th, 2010

The Fish (Seramyu)


Well, I had gotten into the FFXIV beta, I think at the start of the second phase. For like two weeks, I was never available when the servers were up, but I eventually got some time to get in.

Character creation went well. hope +10

Then I got into the cut scene and the game. Ouch. hope -1 million

The game looked like rainbow throw up. Well, close to that, anyway. I was probably getting about 2 fps. Actually, maybe a little higher than that, but knowing that the minimum spec (a 9800GT) is something like 18 times faster than the 8500GT I have in my box, it couldn't have been much higher than that. >.>

I logged my first character out right as I got to Limsa Luminasa (oh wherever) when it took almost a minute for other characters to start appearing on my screen.

I'm not spending $100 or more on a new video card just to play the rest of the beta, and since we're not upgrading both Jen and my computers, it doesn't make any sense for me to start playing on my own. Maybe once the PS3 version comes out...

Besides, there's still stuff I want to accomplish in FFXI. I picked up a Red Mage's Testimony from Ruby Quadav a while back (my first one, RDM67, my first time doing the sleep/nuke method on anything) in what I had originally thought was possibly a bad idea. I haven't gotten the guts to try Maat out yet, though. I'm not horribly comfortable with sleep/nuke, but I'm only not entirely comfortable with the thought of trying to melee Maat down without a really fancy shiny pointy thing, any of which would not be easy to come by.

I also still want to get to wear my Rapparee Harness on DNC, after all the trouble I went through to get those damned panties, stupid fetishist wench.

I have also been playing Star Ocean 4, and liking it quite a lot so far.