April 3rd, 2011

Camo Mage (Sousuke from FMP)


I just managed to take care of one of my goals in FFXI: Red Mage Maat.

First attempt was last night, and I tried doing it melee with my Hornetneedle and Enstone II/Aero III. Didn't work out so well. Got him under 50% life within ~6.5 minutes, but that's when he decided I'd used enough ethers and potions at that point and smote my ass.

So this morning I trekked out to Beadeaux for another round with Ruby Quadav. There was a BST80 there, and he offered to kill Ruby for me. He used the ladybug pet, and got a RDM Testament on the first one (so that made me 2/2 on Testimony drops). Well, I warped back to Jeuno, and decided to give it a go.

I had Dark, Wind, and Stone Staves with me... but no Water Staff for Water III, and not a single grip since I'm normally meleeing with our static trio. Nothing special as far as other other gear - just what I wear for XP (including full AF).

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Cleared the battle in 4 minutes, 56 seconds... just off the current record of 4 minutes, 49 seconds. I finished with 628 HP / 134 MP. Got a couple of skillups in Enfeebling, Elemental and Evastion, too.
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