Futch (David) (dragonboy042) wrote,
Futch (David)

More FF13 thoughts...

Ooooh, two posts this month. Go me! >.>

I've made it up to chapter 11 in FF13, and some of the monsters wandering the plains are OMGWTF. I can't wait until my party actually gets to fight them. So far, I've been using the strategy guide's "recommended" strategy of continuing to use Lightning, Hope, and Fang as my party... but I'm going to need to switch things up at some point. I just wish Hope and Vanille weren't the only two really proficient healers. Relying on Lightning as a healer just seems wrong somehow.

But between FF13, Star Ocean The Last Hope, and Dragon Age: Awakenings, I'm good on video game entertainment until mid-summer at least.

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