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Cell Phone Upgrade

Because of the rapidly deteriorating condition of my cell phone, just placed an order for a new one. Jen is upgrading too, since her phone has been acting goofy (but not as bad as mine), but mainly to get us both back on the same contract schedule.

I mean, seriously... why sell a "family plan" if you're going to treat them all separately?

Not to mention, when I called customer service to ask some questions, they told me that it would be $97.99 to upgrade... but I just placed the order online and the web site gave me the phone for $9.99 (plus all of the wonderfully assorted associated fees, all $28 of them).

What's wrong with my phone:
- The earpiece speaker is busted. I can only make/receive calls via speakerphone.
- Half of the internal LCD screen is dim.
- To do anything on my phone requires removing the battery, putting it back in, and turning it on. This is good for one and only one use. Once I flip it closed, opening it back up either results in a blank screen and a frozen phone, or a random color pattern (like the old emergency broadcast system patterns) and a frozen phone. Then I have to take out the battery again.

Moral of the story: don't try to contact me by cell phone. Not that anybody does.

But the replacement has an estimated arrival date of next Thursday.

I wonder if I can find my last phone, and if it would still work with my SIM card...

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