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Apparently Overcommercialized

Apparently, I just do not post here often anymore since my last post was well more than a month ago, so that means I probably wasted the paid membership for this year. Facebook is free and doesn't require massive thought to make posts. Oh well, I learn. And I make sure my account isn't on auto-renew... >.>

Anyway, I guess it's time to make the obligatory over-commercialized holiday wish list posting... and it's all behind this cut for your benefit...

I'm not expecting a whole lot of 'gifting' this Christmas, but I put this together anyway.

Video Games (in no particular order)
- PSP Ys: The Oath in Felghana
- PSP Ys Seven
- PSP Blazing Souls: Accelate
- PSP Mana Khemia: Student Alliance
- PS3 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
... Yeah, there's more I want that's out, but I'm giving my father the easy-to-find options...

Figures (this is actually the biggest portion of the list, and in rough preferential order except I know the first one is impossible to find. though I am fascinated by the sheer amount of things on Amazon.com that you don't have to actually import any longer)
- Revoltech Yamaguchi #81 - Full Metal Panic - ARX-7 Arbalest
- Revoltech Yamaguchi #87 - Sengoku Basara - Motochika Chosokabe
- Revoltech Yamaguchi #94 - Sengoku Basara - Ieyasu Tokugawa
- Revoltech Yamaguchi #88 - Sengoku Basara - Motonari Mori
- Revoltech Yamaguchi #95 - Sengoku Basara - Mistunari Ishida
- Revoltech Yamaguchi #59 - Full Metal Panic - ARX-8 Laevatein
- Robot Damashii - Full Metal Panic - Bonta-kun (Regular or Combat Type)

Other (yeah, these are all books)
- Star Trek Corps of Engineers Book 12: Out of the Cocoon
- Star Trek Corps of Engineers Book 13: What's Past
- Valkyria Chronicles Development Artworks Art Book
- Valkyria Chronicles 2 World Artworks Art Book

Gift Cards (because they're as good as cash!
- Visa/Mastercard/American Express
- Target
- Best Buy

While walking through the grocery store with Jen's parents (don't ask), at least I got treated to one of the Christmas songs I don't mind so much: "We Need a Little Christmas" from Mame. And it was the Angela Lansbury version, at that. Of course, the next month of listening to nothing but Christmas music when going out shopping will definitely point me towards online shopping again. I just have no idea what I'm getting anyone. Well, except I found a couple things for Jen that I think she'll like. ^_^

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