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Craziness, or Why does my brain do this to me?

Admittedly, I've been ignoring LJ in favor of posting stuff to Facebook. However, this is just far too wacky and out there for Facebook... so I'm putting it here for posterity's sake.

At some point in the last two nights, I had a crazy dream about Fellowship! the Musical, the parody musical of Lord of the Rings movie (the first one). Except somehow I drempt up a Japanese-style musical version of it... featuring Kimeru as Legolas. I have no clue who he was singing the duet with Gimli with, though, which is highly disappointing.

Somehow this tragedy also included Chisa Yokoyama, who was Shinguji Sakura in Sakura Taisen. I don't think she was Gimli. As I put more thought into this by typing this out (while listening to the soundtrack, of course, as I start off my day working from home), I am totally hearing Shirota Yuu as Aragorn. I really need to stop thinking about this, but those are the types of ideas I always have the hardest time getting out of my head.

Don't ask what caused this, as I have absolutely no idea. It certainly wasn't playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood a lot over the weekend, no relation there. Holy hell, my brain does come up with some crazy stuff sometimes though, doesn't it.

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