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More FF13 thoughts...

Ooooh, two posts this month. Go me! >.>

I've made it up to chapter 11 in FF13, and some of the monsters wandering the plains are OMGWTF. I can't wait until my party actually gets to fight them. So far, I've been using the strategy guide's "recommended" strategy of continuing to use Lightning, Hope, and Fang as my party... but I'm going to need to switch things up at some point. I just wish Hope and Vanille weren't the only two really proficient healers. Relying on Lightning as a healer just seems wrong somehow.

But between FF13, Star Ocean The Last Hope, and Dragon Age: Awakenings, I'm good on video game entertainment until mid-summer at least.


Loving the game so far. Up to chapter 5. The battle system is daunting at first, but the AI that is actually intelligent is surprisingly reassuring.

Car is back

$1200 for the car. 25% of that for parts, 70% for labor. Gotta love dealers. But it felt better coming home, since it was due for the fuel system cleaning anyway.

Oh, happy birthday to me... ;_;

Thank the Maker I only decided I wanted to go to Thai Sookdee up in Evanston for a birthday dinner. We got back to the car in the parking garage after dinner and all of a sudden car wouldn't start. And it's most likely not a battery issue, because lights and everything work, and the garage attendant trying to use a battery charger did not help.

Thankfully, Roadside Assistance is great. Had a tow truck there in well under 10 minutes. Car is now sitting at Grossinger up in Lincolnwood, and they're open at 7am tomorrow morning. Now the waiting is going to suck.

And it's probably going to wind up being the most expensive birthday I've ever had... ;_;

Of all the...

Of all the things I could write about, having not said anything on this journal in a month and half, I'm going to go for probably the most superficial of them: Dissidia.

When it first came out, I bought the import. Couldn't pass up that voice cast. Well, I couldn't play the damn thing either. "Oh, it's just a fighting game," I said. "How hard could it be," I said. I'm such a sack of doorknobs. I managed to muddle my way through Cloud's stages pretty easily (I mean, big sword, not that hard folks) but could not for the life of me figure out how to play Cecil.

So, a couple of weeks ago, Target had the game on sale for $20, and I broke down and bought the domestic. Oh, how I miss the original cast. The English dub isn't horrible, but there are some key things that annoy the snot out of me.

Why, for instance, does every single character speak like William Shatner?!?!

However, it is playable because I understand what the hell is going on. Cloud's stages I breezed through, Cecil made sense this time, Squall was easy, Tidus (ok, I skipped playing 10, but tea-dus? god that sounds like such a loser's name... I always pronounced it with "tide" as in the laundry detergent) no problem whatsoever, Zidane (my memory of 9 is a little foggy, but what the hell is up with the transformation in his EX Burst? I really didn't need to see all that)... and Bartz is... interesting.

Actually liking it. I'd like it more if I had the option of the original voices. -_-;;

Traitor to my Childhood

I feel like such a traitor to my childhood now. We just watched Tron, and all I could remember back to was the horrible boss sequences in Kingdom Hearts II.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

...wow, it's been a long time since I've posted to LJ. :)

*cue dramatic music*

I just got a jury duty notice. And yep, 26th and California for me...

I'm a standby juror only, so I won't even know for sure if I need to go until the day before. My scheduled day is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Ugh!

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