Oishi (Prince of Tennis)

Cell Phone Upgrade

Because of the rapidly deteriorating condition of my cell phone, just placed an order for a new one. Jen is upgrading too, since her phone has been acting goofy (but not as bad as mine), but mainly to get us both back on the same contract schedule.

I mean, seriously... why sell a "family plan" if you're going to treat them all separately?

Not to mention, when I called customer service to ask some questions, they told me that it would be $97.99 to upgrade... but I just placed the order online and the web site gave me the phone for $9.99 (plus all of the wonderfully assorted associated fees, all $28 of them).

What's wrong with my phone:
- The earpiece speaker is busted. I can only make/receive calls via speakerphone.
- Half of the internal LCD screen is dim.
- To do anything on my phone requires removing the battery, putting it back in, and turning it on. This is good for one and only one use. Once I flip it closed, opening it back up either results in a blank screen and a frozen phone, or a random color pattern (like the old emergency broadcast system patterns) and a frozen phone. Then I have to take out the battery again.

Moral of the story: don't try to contact me by cell phone. Not that anybody does.

But the replacement has an estimated arrival date of next Thursday.

I wonder if I can find my last phone, and if it would still work with my SIM card...
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The Fish (Seramyu)


Well, I had gotten into the FFXIV beta, I think at the start of the second phase. For like two weeks, I was never available when the servers were up, but I eventually got some time to get in.

Character creation went well. hope +10

Then I got into the cut scene and the game. Ouch. hope -1 million

The game looked like rainbow throw up. Well, close to that, anyway. I was probably getting about 2 fps. Actually, maybe a little higher than that, but knowing that the minimum spec (a 9800GT) is something like 18 times faster than the 8500GT I have in my box, it couldn't have been much higher than that. >.>

I logged my first character out right as I got to Limsa Luminasa (oh wherever) when it took almost a minute for other characters to start appearing on my screen.

I'm not spending $100 or more on a new video card just to play the rest of the beta, and since we're not upgrading both Jen and my computers, it doesn't make any sense for me to start playing on my own. Maybe once the PS3 version comes out...

Besides, there's still stuff I want to accomplish in FFXI. I picked up a Red Mage's Testimony from Ruby Quadav a while back (my first one, RDM67, my first time doing the sleep/nuke method on anything) in what I had originally thought was possibly a bad idea. I haven't gotten the guts to try Maat out yet, though. I'm not horribly comfortable with sleep/nuke, but I'm only not entirely comfortable with the thought of trying to melee Maat down without a really fancy shiny pointy thing, any of which would not be easy to come by.

I also still want to get to wear my Rapparee Harness on DNC, after all the trouble I went through to get those damned panties, stupid fetishist wench.

I have also been playing Star Ocean 4, and liking it quite a lot so far.
The Fish (Seramyu)


I decided to pay for another year. In fact, did their auto-renewal thing to save the $5 difference they charge.

Oh well. Now I have more icon spaces to fill. 6 more to go.
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Futch (Suikoden 3)


Hmmm... as little as I actually post here anymore, something tells me it's not worth renewing my paid account. Got to look into what I would lose.
Sick Sousuke (FMP Fumoffu)


Well, I think I know what I'm doing for Christmas this year... building two new PCs. >.>

They just released a benchmark program for FFXIV. I just ran it. Grand total score: 227. Under 1500 is bad, and the scale goes over 8,000 (heck, probably over 9,000). They haven't officially announced minimum or recommended specs yet, but unless putting a new video card in here is magically going to be enough, this is probably going to hurt to play.

I'm going to try again after a reboot, see if it's any better on a fresh system. Not holding my breath though.
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Feeling Ambiguous (Kei - Pretear)

Another ACen

Another ACen. Not sure how much I'm looking forward to it right now... I mean, I'm not even officially cosplaying today, although I am most likely going to put my camo tail on. I'm going to be one of the Hot Topic Warriors in my big big big pants... but I had to vacuum the dust off of them this morning. @.@

The dealers room will most likely be another disappointment, but I figure there's a 10% chance of finding way too much to pick up. Only time will tell.

I think we're definitely planning on Animazement next year instead... their guest lists have just been so consistently amazing that it's probably a sure bet they'll have at least three seiyuu of interest.
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Cavalier Attitude (Sain from Fire Emblem

Still more FFXIII

Ok, so I've beaten the main boss (somehow got 5 stars on it my first time through, no less, with base weapons), and have played a total of 70 hours... and I can't believe how much there still is to do. I've only 5-starred about 2/3 of the missions, and like 4 of the remaining ones require fighting the same enemy which I simply can not manage to kill in a reasonable enough amount of time (most of them have resulted in 0 or 1 star victories, and I managed a 3 star on one somehow).

And then there are the huge things all around that I can barely scratch all across the main map... and the fact that I still have yet to get any of the items that let me upgrade weapons to the final stage.

Speaking of upgrading weapons, I really want to know who came up with the method of upgrading equipment for this, so they can be suggested to Jamie from Mythbusters' "sand paper room".
Busche (Suikoden Tierkreis)

More FF13 thoughts...

Ooooh, two posts this month. Go me! >.>

I've made it up to chapter 11 in FF13, and some of the monsters wandering the plains are OMGWTF. I can't wait until my party actually gets to fight them. So far, I've been using the strategy guide's "recommended" strategy of continuing to use Lightning, Hope, and Fang as my party... but I'm going to need to switch things up at some point. I just wish Hope and Vanille weren't the only two really proficient healers. Relying on Lightning as a healer just seems wrong somehow.

But between FF13, Star Ocean The Last Hope, and Dragon Age: Awakenings, I'm good on video game entertainment until mid-summer at least.
Futch & Bright (Suikogaiden)


Loving the game so far. Up to chapter 5. The battle system is daunting at first, but the AI that is actually intelligent is surprisingly reassuring.